Digital photo overload


Remember all those resolutions I mentioned just about two months back? Well, I’m working on them, but whoa, 2017 has been off to a pretty all-over-the-place start. I also realized that I forgot to mention a pretty important part of my “Photography” resolution: To *finally* get all the digital photos I have stored in a zillion different places under control.

Here’s why: Right now, I have close to 50,000 digital pics on my laptop. That’s not counting the — wait for it — 9,456 that I have on my iPhone. (Yikes, right?) I do think that a lot of my pics have been unintentionally duplicated somehow during transfers from one outdated computer (like my beloved college MacBook) to the next. Still, it’s a non-physical clutter problem that I really need to fix.

The solution: Gretchen Rubin says in her book The Happiness Project that you should do one thing that thing that makes you unhappy for 15 minutes a day. (She’s referring to a daunting task—aka overwhelming amounts of digital photos that need to be organized, ugh.) Every day, you’ll get a bit more of it done until, eventually, you can completely cross it off your list.

So, this is what I’ve been doing: Setting a timer and combing through a chunk of photos on my laptop a few times a week as I watch TV. The task still feels daunting, but it’s getting…less daunting by the day.

What’s an annoying project on your list? And do you have any digital photo organization tricks?

(Image via Career Girl Daily)