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How to Start a Book Club

I’m going to be honest: I’ve always been just a little bit anti-book club. The main reason? It just feels like a lot of pressure, plus I worry that the books that are on my reading list will get sidelined by insurmountable 500-page novels that I’ll never have time to get all the way through. But recently, I changed my mind.

The funniest book about wedding planning

The more Matt and I talk about our plans for our upcoming wedding, the more we learn about each other’s expectations, priorities, and “must-haves” for our big day. In theory, this is very helpful. In actuality, it can be very stressful. And surprising. For example, I always thought the only thing that Matt would care… Read more »

The Girl on the Train

I just ordered this book online and can’t wait to start reading it. I’ve been seeing it pop up on so many of my friends Instagram feeds—and they all give the same one-word review: Riveting. What are you currently reading? Any good books to recommend? I mentioned some winter reads recently if you need any… Read more »