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The prettiest Italian duvet

For Christmas this year, the only thing I asked for was this pretty duvet, made by Italian brand Borgo Delle Tovaglie and sold—in the loveliest limited edition hue—by French brand Sézane. I’ve always been into more neutral tones when it comes to my bedroom, but there was something about this rosy rendition that made it something… Read more »

Wallpaper for renters

Has anyone spent any time messing around with temporary apartment wallpaper? I’m seriously toying with the idea of wallpapering one of the walls in our bedroom with this pretty peony pattern from Anthropologie, but can’t decide if it’s a colossal waste of money should we decide to move apartments in the next year or so. It’s… Read more »

My Savannah plant bloomed!

You guys: I’ve spent the entire summer trying to get my Savannah plant (a gift from my mom after our trip to the South) to bloom. June went by. July went by. Nothing. Then, I learned about this awesome trick to prevent over-watering: Stick your finger one inch below the surface to find out if… Read more »

A whale-y cute bath mat

Recently, we needed to replace our bath mat in our Brooklyn apartment. It’s funny: Since we moved in over two years ago, I’ve been buying what I now call drab and boring basic bath mats. Not anymore. After a quick Internet search, I discovered this super cute, whale-inspired bath mat from West Elm. Matt popped… Read more »

Kitchen meetings

So, as we begin to strategize about planning a wedding, Matt and I have been trying to have weekend “meetings” to review details and tasks in an organized manner. There’s a lot to discuss! Our goal has been to sort the wedding stuff from the day-to-day life stuff. We figure, we can’t talk about wedding stuff… Read more »