Take 2: My New Elephant Ear

Screen-Shot-2015-10-18-at-10.38.34-PM-817x1024I’m going to be honest: When it comes to plant care, I’m really not very skilled. Which is why I was thrilled to locate a gorgeous elephant ear at a garden center in Red Hook last year and—gasp—actually keep it alive for a solid 11 months.

But then the wedding reared it’s busy head and I became a super neglectful plant parent, right when my Elephant Ear needed me the most. Yep, I accidentally forgot to pay someone to water it (or at least set up a plant nanny) before taking off on our two-week honeymoon. My plant was in terrible shape when I got back.


I went back to Red Hook to replace my now dying Elephant Ear, but was out of luck. So, imagine my surprise when, this weekend, I happened upon a brand-new baby-sized plant, which we picked up for $10. In New York! The best part? Matt and I were able to salvage the bulb from the OG 11-month old, full-sized Elephant Ear. (Fingers crossed it gets a second wind.)

So, apartment plant care, take two. Wish me luck!