Monogram necklace

Sad story: Last year, when Matt and I went to Paris, I lost the “R” necklace he gave me for Christmas a couple of years back (the same one Rachel Berry wears on Glee). I have no idea how it happened—I meticulously went room by room after packing our bags to leave our Airbnb apartment, just to make sure I didn’t leave any jewelry behind! But, alas, the necklace was nowhere to be found when we got back to New York. 

Fast forward a year, and after far too many “If only I had my ‘R’ necklace…” moments, I decided it was worth re-ordering. I received my new necklace this past week—and I love it! There’s something so special about a monogrammed piece of jewelry. It becomes a piece of your identity (remember the SATC scene when Carrie found the necklace she thought she’d lost?), and one you can’t live without.

Do you have any monogrammed jewelry?

Two more ways to personalize your jewelry:
- Lucky numbers.
- Home state.

(Image of Rachel Berry)


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