Subway style

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Did you see this classy subway shot of Helen Mirren riding the R train in New York? It’s impressive! She is a poster child for proper subway etiquette: Sitting up straight, her knees touching so she doesn’t invade someone else’s space (unlike the dude to her left!). Even with an open seat beside her, she resists temptation and keeps her purse in her lap. Like I said, the ultimate form of public transportation class!

I’ve been on a tear lately about subway etiquette after run-ins with several inconsiderate underground travelers. My biggest pet peeve: People who lean against the subway pole and, in doing so, prevent anyone else standing from having a place to rest their hand and support their balance. And while my love for Mr. Tom Hanks runs deep, he demonstrates another underground problem: man spreading. ;) (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt: this pic may have simply been snapped on a very empty train.)

What are your biggest subway frustrations? Or flipping the question, have you encountered any travelers as courteous as the lovely Helen Mirren?

(Images via Time)

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