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Father-Daughter(s) 10K


We did it! As I mentioned, my dad, sister and I all signed up to run the Scottish Run 10K with New York Road Runners in Central Park. This was no easy feat! Aside from the actual running part, my dad and sister had to travel into town for the race. My sister flew in… Read more »

The weekend is here!

Happy Friday, my darling readers! Whew, what a week. I’m excited for a couple of days off. Plus, my parents and sister are coming into town to run a 10K in Central Park (remember when my dad and I ran one before?). I’m excited—but also a teeny tiny bit nervous. Will let you know how it goes!… Read more »

Running inspiration


Over the weekend, I went and saw the new Disney movie McFarland, USA. My dad and Matt wanted to see American Sniper and — given my low tolerance for shoot ‘em up movies — seeing that film just wasn’t in the cards. So, this feel-good flick seemed like a good alternative for me and my mom. It had… Read more »