The British are coming…to Brooklyn!

Um, are you guys as excited as I am that Prince William and his lovely lady Kate Middleton are here in New York this week? Better yet, they’re in Brooklyn! (They have great taste, obvi.) 

Funny story: I tried to get tickets to the Nets/Cavaliers game they’re planning to attend tonight. Here’s how the email exchange went down with Matt.

Me: OMG, can we pretty please do everything within our power to get tickets to the December 8th Brooklyn Nets game? Kate and William are going to be there!!
Matt: Tickets are $200+. For nosebleeds.
Me: Because Kate and William are going to be there????
Matt: No. Because LeBron James is going to be there.

Oops. I may know a lot about the Royal Family, but basketball is just not my sport. ;)

Welcome to Brooklyn Kate and William! Now, the big question: What will she wear to the game?

PS: Their full schedule!

(Image via People)

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