The weekend is here!

Happy Friday! I love a four-day week, don’t you? With today’s inclement weather in New York, take your cue from the French and learn how to stay chic in the rain. I wish I had a bright red umbrella like the ladies above! So, what’s on tap for your weekend? Any fun plans? I’m going to a friend’s baby shower in Hoboken and looking forward to toasting her baby-to-be! Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

The only way to prevent me from hitting snooze.

Be gorgeous and tie one on.

A new way to work the runway.

A romantic pause in Beacon Hill.

Stylish pups!

The joys of being a bridesmaid.

A statement piece.

Let them eat cake!

Sweet dreams of summer.

How to take a leap of faith.

Rock a ponytail.

A floral love note.

Stand out in red.

The happiness formula.

The feminist perspective at an early age.

(Photos via Hip Paris)

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