3 fun things

Happy Mother’s Day! I spent the day napping and reading The Palace Papers by Tina Brown. Honestly, it was a total treat. Now, a few things on my radar this week…

The Pandemic Taught Women That Time Was Never the Problem

1 // Motherhood and time. I wrote a piece for PureWow that I’m super proud of about how I’ve always blamed a lack of time as the reason I am overwhelmed. But really it’s the length of my to-do list and the guilt trips we—mothers especially—regularly apply when we fall behind. Would love for you to read it and let me know if you agree.

2 // The Flight Attendant. So, I had all but written off a second season of this HBO show, which I was addicted to last year, but positive reviews piqued my interest and I don’t regret it. In fact, I’m binging it as fast as I can. Parts of the plot are a bit, let’s say, convoluted, but I am so happy Zosia Mamet is back. (Ditto her boyfriend Max, who is played by Deniz Akdeniz.) Overall, it’s fun and thrilling—although I often need a palette cleanser (like Starstruck, also on HBO) between episodes to take the edge of. (I’m such a wuss with scarier shows.)

3 // Fondue for dinner. I grabbed food out with a friend this week in Prospect Heights and in lieu of a main course, we ordered fondue. And not just any fondue, it was fancy fondue—with bread and roasted Brussels sprouts and potatoes and apple slices, all available for submerging in a combo of warm melted cheeses. Is it just me or is fondue a dish that’s not often seen on a menu? Unless you’re at a ski chalet? It didn’t hurt that it was rainy and cozy; I got home and ever since can’t stop Googling fondue pots and recipes to rival what I ordered out.