3 fun things

Hi, it’s been a minute! Since I last posted I’ve had a baby, there’s been a global pandemic and I’ve written a book. (It’s called Royal Trivia: Your Guide to the Modern British Royal Family — grab your copy now!) But I miss updating this blog, so I’m going to make every effort to get back into it. Still, as a working mom, simplicity rules, so we’ll keep things succinct with a handful of cool things that I’m thinking about each week. Let’s go!

grace van cutsem william and kate wedding

1 // Kate and William’s 11-Year Wedding Anniversary. Of course, Roberta and I reminisce all about the occasion on this week’s episode of the pod. Of all the images from the day, this one with Grace van Cutsem is forever a stand-out. It’s incredible to me that she was just three! No wonder her expression — the noise and hoopla was likely a lot. I’m also really digging this round-up from an IG (and Tik Tok) account I love that celebrates a few of the quieter moments from Kate & William’s big day ELEVEN years ago.

2 // Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Adventure. A delight of a movie! I wasn’t sure what to expect when my husband recommended we watch this Richard Linklater film about the historic era—and optimism—of 1969, specifically the summer when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. It’s equal parts autobiography and fantasy, but also delivers a blitz of nostalgia that will leave you reflecting on the aimless days of childhood and marveling at our (small) place in the larger world. Bonus: You can watch it on Netflix.

3 // Farmers’ Market Flowers & A Cute Market Tote. Life hack: Buying $7 bouquets at my local farmers’ market every Sunday morning. My recent score was an arm-full of peach blossoms. The experience was made all the better this week with the addition of this French-feeling tote. (I love it in green!)