7 people I follow on Instagram

I’ll admit it: I spend a lot of minutes on Instagram (you can follow me here!). But the truth is, I feel so inspired there! There are so many gorgeous pics of travels and art and food and fashion and fun that I can’t stop tap, tap, tapping whenever I go on. So, I thought I’d share a list of seven people whose pics and captions I can’t get enough of right now. Sound good? Oh—and at the end of this post, I want to hear from you: Who do you love on Instagram? Go!

First up, Haven’s Kitchen. Have you been to this culinary school in Chelsea? It also doubles as a café and event space—I love it! The last time I went in, I spent a little bit too much on tea—but they stock the best kind!
January Jones is another favorite of mine. She’s funny, quirky, and posts stunning fashion pics. Oh, and dashing pics of Jon Hamm occasionally show up. :)

I’d do almost anything to get a sneak peek at the designs Rifle Paper Co. artist Anna Bond is working on. That’s why I adore her Instagram account: She always gives her followers a glimpse of her upcoming designs. Even better, a look at her artful workspace. Talk about a dream job!
For a laugh, I can always count on Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry. Seriously, I live in awe of her talent for humor—definitely a power duo! Another part of what makes her awesome: She’s merciless about social media bullies. Funny and classy? Total package.

Oh, Paris. Or I should say: Paris in Four Months. This delightful and colorful feed from French blogger Carin Olsson makes me miss this city day in and day out. Can’t you just picture yourself sipping un café under the awning at Les Chimeres as the rain comes down? Le sigh. :)

I’m a huge fan of photographer Max Wanger and am constantly trolling his professional website fantasizing about art I want to buy for my apartment. His Instagram account? A total bonus. Especially when you get a glimpse of vacations, like this trip with his family to Hawaii. Adorable. 

Something sweet for the finish: I love the artistry of Betsy Thorleifson’s pretty cakes, especially this ombré design. Stunning, right? Her weekly pics of birthday, wedding, and special occasion confections from her bakery Nine Cakes are works of art. 

Now, you go: Who do you love on Instagram?

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