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What’s on your reading list for winter? As soon as I finish Serial (yes, I know I’m a little behind), these three titles are first on my list. Here’s why:

1) Delancey by Molly Wizenberg uncovers the personal side of the restaurant biz after a husband-and-wife team find themselves the owners of a successful pizza spot. I’ve always been curious about the restaurant life and can’t wait to read about it, as told through the eyes of a marriage.

2) Searching for Grace Kelly by Michael Callahan is a throwback to New York City in 1955. Three roommates are living in the Barbizon Hotel and searching for love, romance and fun. I love the setting of this novel—the location and the decade.

3) Funny Girl by Nick Hornby is another book that that takes us back, this time to 1960s London. Sophie Straw (“a provincial ingénue turned TV starlet) leads a cast of characters that sound quirky and delightful. I’ve enjoyed so many of Nick Hornby’s books—can’t wait for the next! 

My Amazon order has been placed! What are you reading right now?

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