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For Christmas this year, I gave Matt the newest cookbook by Gabrielle Hamiton, the celebrated chef behind one of NYC’s hottest restaurants: Prune. All fall, he talked extensively about wanting to read it—or so I thought. He was actually hoping for a different book—a copy of Gabrielle’s 2012 memoir, called Blood, Bones & Butter. I’ll admit: I half listened! (Oops.) But it worked out: He was so excited to read Gabrielle’s cookbook that it inspired a trip to Prune for brunch.

We’ve fallen off the wagon a bit with our regular NYC brunch dates, but winter is the best time to get back on track. We coordinated with our friends, outlined a strategy for managing the long wait for a table (Prune doesn’t take reservations for brunch), and began salivating over the menu in anticipation of the meal. 

The wait was worth it; the food was delicious (I had the Eggs Benedict); and we had a great time.

A tip: Plot out a nearby bar (or coffee shop) so that you can stop by Prune, put your name down, and have an equally desirable spot to wait. We went to the Library—a total dive with delicious hot toddies and mimosas, too. Our total wait time for brunch? About an hour and a half.

Have you checked out any new brunch spots in New York recently?

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