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A Cappella Christmas

I’m one of those people who starts listening to holiday music in November. I can’t help it! A festive playlist always yanks me away from the pressure of the season (Like holiday shopping! And accelerated deadlines!) and puts me in just the right spirit. My regular readers know my Christmas tradition: This year, I’m going… Read more »

Christmas caroling

‘Tis the season for holiday music. Well, almost! This may sound crazy, but I’ve been listening to Christmas tunes since October (!!). In the fall, I joined a holiday singing group with a few co-workers of mine. It’s perfect: There are about 25 of us, and we practice once a week for an hour at… Read more »

Pitch Perfect sequel

It’s been a while since we’ve talked a cappella here, but the news of a Pitch Perfect sequel was a reminder that I’m overdue. 🙂 Did you see the first film? If not, you better catch it now—not only is a follow-up flick in the works, the cast is recording a holiday album due out… Read more »

Signature karaoke songs

Last weekend, some friends of mine (one, a former Wheatone) came to town for a tour of my new apartment, and dinner out in BK. We dined at a cozy neighborhood spot, and en route back to my place, happened to walk past a bar that was bumping with karaoke tunes. We couldn’t resist! After… Read more »

Lean In

As part of a book club for New York Women in Communications, I’m reading Lean In, by Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg. Have you read it? I know some of the things she says are a bit controversial, but I love her tips about confidence and the value of a ‘fake it ’till you feel it’… Read more »