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Color Me Good: Ryan Gosling

Thanks to Say Yes to Hoboken, I stumbled upon this brilliant idea: a Ryan Gosling coloring book. I mean, could he be any dreamier? I love how most pages capture his various movie roles, but there’s also pages and pages to color of Ryan just being Ryan. For example, Ryan the humanitarian; or Ryan the… Read more »

Fireflies on the water

This weekend, I finally scored a reservation to see Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies on the Water installation at the Whitney Museum. It was totally worth the wait! A reservation gets you 60 seconds to take in the piece ā€” a small, dark room that’s filled with lights, mirrors and water. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and a spectacular… Read more »

Clare Caulfield’s New York

Finding an artist that can truly do justice to the movement, and energy of New York is rare. That’s why when I stumbled across Clare Caulfield’s work, I had to share. Her work to capture the Flat Iron Building and Times Square is remarkable ā€” I love the detail and the scope. Can’t you picture… Read more »

You are what you read

Do you ever wish you could savor a great line from your favorite book? Well, Evan, married to Nichole over at Little Brown Pen, came up with a clever way to do just that. His illustrations above bring the words of his favorite authors to life ā€” in a digital world, it’s a lasting way… Read more »

Sketching New York

I was on Pinterest recently and came across these gorgeous (and detailed!) sketches from California-based artist Suhita. She visited New York with her family last year, and documented every moment in pen, ink and watercolor. The result? Breathtaking snapshots of city life. I love how she captures the movement of the city with accuracy and… Read more »