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Pop-up NYC

This collection of pop-up art from Daisy Lew features some of New York’s most iconic scenes. I love her 3D depictions of the Big Apple, the taxicab and the Chrysler Building — each replica offers a cityscape view from both the top and the side. And there are more scenes to choose from! What an… Read more »

East versus West Coast

I’m an East Coast girl born and raised, but I love these two prints—especially when placed side by side. Originally seen in the home of Annemarie Buckley of Scout’s Honor Co., there was such a high demand for the coast to coast prints, she is now selling them online. I love the lyrics from this… Read more »

A world tour for kids

What gorgeous prints from Sarah Jane Studios! This talented artist is developing a series of prints — one for every month this year — each designed to capture a childhood moment in 12 of the world’s most beloved cities. The first four are pictured above. Out of London, Paris, Tokyo and Amsterdam, which one is… Read more »

Modern city art

I’m in love with artist Heather Galler’s gorgeous city art. She has such a unique style and ability to make each place come alive on the canvas. Every piece is so colorful and vibrant — she easily captures the energy and spirit of the cities she chooses to represent. Above, from top to bottom, find… Read more »

Localize your art

The best way to add a personal touch to your art collection? Localize it of course! Thanks to designer Laura Belle from Oh Hi Shop, it’s fairly easy to do. Simply send her 20-25 words of your choice and she will work her magic to create a custom design of your piece. The words can… Read more »