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East versus West Coast

I’m an East Coast girl born and raised, but I love these two prints—especially when placed side by side. Originally seen in the home of Annemarie Buckley of Scout’s Honor Co., there was such a high demand for the coast to coast prints, she is now selling them online. I love the lyrics from this… Read more »

A world tour for kids

What gorgeous prints from Sarah Jane Studios! This talented artist is developing a series of prints — one for every month this year — each designed to capture a childhood moment in 12 of the world’s most beloved cities. The first four are pictured above. Out of London, Paris, Tokyo and Amsterdam, which one is… Read more »

Modern city art

I’m in love with artist Heather Galler’s gorgeous city art. She has such a unique style and ability to make each place come alive on the canvas. Every piece is so colorful and vibrant — she easily captures the energy and spirit of the cities she chooses to represent. Above, from top to bottom, find… Read more »

Localize your art

The best way to add a personal touch to your art collection? Localize it of course! Thanks to designer Laura Belle from Oh Hi Shop, it’s fairly easy to do. Simply send her 20-25 words of your choice and she will work her magic to create a custom design of your piece. The words can… Read more »

Starry Starry Midnight in Paris

Don’t you just love the movie poster for Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s next film? Due out later this year, it stars so many actors that I adore — Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody and more. Even Carla Bruni takes on a leading role. But to see Owen Wilson walk the streets of Paris… Read more »