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The end of an era

Are you excited for the absolute very last ever episode of Mad Men this Sunday? I am excited to find out how it will all wrap up, but also so sad to say goodbye to such an amazing show. So much has happened in such a short final season — I am so intrigued by… Read more »

Superhero movie alert

When Matt and I started dating, he used to have to beg me to go and see a Marvel comic book movie with him. Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, The Fantastic Four — for some reason, I always felt pretty meh about checking them out. But something has changed: When the latest Avengers movie hit theaters last weekend,… Read more »

The Royal Baby name game

The Royal Baby is here! I was so excited to wake up to this news on Saturday morning. I was almost thankful it happened while I was sleeping — I would have been glued to the TV/computer screen all night. 😉 Kate’s exit from the hospital was as graceful and elegant as she is. And I… Read more »

The prettiest notecards

My intention was just to browse in my favorite neighborhood card shop, but when I found these beautiful letterpress notecards made by Boston-based shop Albertine Press, all bets were off. I love how Shelley Barandes‘ pen and ink designs look to be just that: pen and ink. In fact, every stroke is imprinted in a sturdy card… Read more »

Do you carry a book?

On Saturday, I ran out to do an early morning errand and, at the last second, grabbed my book to read as a way to pass the time on the train. But instead of going straight home after my errand was done, my plans for the day changed and I ended up not making it back to… Read more »