Do you carry a book?


On Saturday, I ran out to do an early morning errand and, at the last second, grabbed my book to read as a way to pass the time on the train. But instead of going straight home after my errand was done, my plans for the day changed and I ended up not making it back to the apartment until around 7 p.m. No big deal, except that I had my book in-hand all day without a shoulder bag or purse big enough to fit it while I walked around.

The interesting part is that I ended up crushing over 100 pages throughout the course of the day. I was sort of astonished at how many down time moments cropped up—not just on the train, but at the farmer’s market, in the park, even just waiting for Matt to run in and out of a store. Holding my book in my hands meant that it was the first thing I thought to do when I had time to pass. Usually, I’d just be reaching for my phone. Now, I’m almost done with my book!

Sort of makes you think about technology dependency, right? Don’t get me wrong, I still love my iPhone, but replacing it with my book for a day felt kind of nice.

What are you reading right now?

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