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On ‘Togetherness’

In case you haven’t been watching, you need to catch up on Togetherness, the new HBO show written by the Duplass Brothers and starring Mark Duplass, Amanda Peet, Melanie Lynskey and Steve Zissis. The season finale was on last night, so if you haven’t started, you’re in the perfect position to binge watch! (I’m jealous.) The show… Read more »

Kitchen meetings

So, as we begin to strategize about planning a wedding, Matt and I have been trying to have weekend “meetings” to review details and tasks in an organized manner. There’s a lot to discuss! Our goal has been to sort the wedding stuff from the day-to-day life stuff. We figure, we can’t talk about wedding stuff… Read more »

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

The reason I ask is that, this week, for a co-worker’s going away party, we’re hitting the karaoke bar…hard. I sang a cappella in college—as many of you know—and I get it: song choice is important. I have my favorites (“Proud Mary” and “Son of a Preacher” and anything from the movie Grease), but I want to… Read more »

My vote for best dressed

Did you watch the Oscars last night? There were so many sweet and inspiring and moving moments during the show. If I had to pick a winner for best dressed, my vote goes to Jennifer Aniston, hands-down. She looked absolutely stunning in this sparkly Versace number. She also wins the award for best red carpet PDA… Read more »

The Girl on the Train

I just ordered this book online and can’t wait to start reading it. I’ve been seeing it pop up on so many of my friends Instagram feeds—and they all give the same one-word review: Riveting. What are you currently reading? Any good books to recommend? I mentioned some winter reads recently if you need any… Read more »