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Mad Men museum

Are you ready for the final installment of Mad Men? The premiere is this coming Sunday night on AMC—I’m totally planning to savor every minute of each episode until it’s done. In between Sunday nights spent on my couch watching Don, Peggy, Pete, Betty and Joan, I’m planning a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image… Read more »

Theater Thursdays

Unintentionally, Matt and I have booked ourselves for three musicals on three Thursdays in a row. Of course, we’re super excited, but also laughing at ourselves for not realizing the pattern sooner. The first show we’re seeing is Into the Woods at the Roundabout. We saw the Shakespeare in the Park version with Amy Adams two summers ago… Read more »

An exercise in goal-setting

Thanks to Instagram, I came across this letterpress calendar, designed to mark progress—not perfection—toward a goal. I love it! The idea is this: You set a goal (say, going to the gym) and for each day you do it, you fill in the circle with that date. If you miss a day, no big deal. When… Read more »

Running inspiration

Over the weekend, I went and saw the new Disney movie McFarland, USA. My dad and Matt wanted to see American Sniper and — given my low tolerance for shoot ’em up movies — seeing that film just wasn’t in the cards. So, this feel-good flick seemed like a good alternative for me and my mom. It had… Read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my darling readers! Are you doing anything fun to celebrate? Wearing something green perhaps? I read this great column from Time about the evolution of the holiday and why, even though St. Patrick’s Day is believed to be inherently Irish, the tradition of parading actually started in the United States: The first recorded… Read more »