Theater Thursdays


Unintentionally, Matt and I have booked ourselves for three musicals on three Thursdays in a row. Of course, we’re super excited, but also laughing at ourselves for not realizing the pattern sooner. The first show we’re seeing is Into the Woods at the Roundabout. We saw the Shakespeare in the Park version with Amy Adams two summers ago (and loved it!), so I’m excited to see this interpretation tonight.


Next up, we’re going to Hamilton, a musical that’s supposed to be out-of-this-world terrific. It’s playing at the Public Theater. We snagged tickets to this one month ago, picking an arbitrary date, which wound up being the Thursday after Into the Woods. 😉


For the final Thursday, we’re headed back to Broadway to see An American in Paris. Truthfully, I can’t think of this show without seeing Gene Kelly dancing and singing in my head. I grew up watching the VHS on repeat (almost as much as I watched Singin’ in the Rain!), so it will be fun to see it on stage.

And there you have it: Theater Thursdays! Something tells me I’m going to feel a bit sad when this trend finishes up.

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