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The easiest way to exfoliate

I’ve never been someone who is super great at remembering to exfoliate my face. Sometimes it’s a miracle I even wash my makeup off at all before bed depending on the day (thank god for those makeup removing wipes — genius!). Then I met Julep’s Konjac Sponge and everything changed. First of all, it’s pretty tough to… Read more »

Tatine candles

I was shopping in Brooklyn recently and discovered the best-smelling candles made by a Chicago-based company called Tatine. The founder — a lover of London, British design and rock ‘n roll — names many of her candles using Led Zeppelin lyrics, according to the lady in the Brooklyn shop where I found them. My favorite scent… Read more »

Going blond(er)

When I lived in Boston, I always got my hair highlighted—it was something I splurged on once every 12-14 weeks if you can believe it. Upon moving to New York, I was ready to get back to my much more manageable brunette roots. Sure, I got subtle (and I mean subtle!) highlights every now and again,… Read more »

A conversation about curls

Last Friday, I curled my hair before work in a burst of morning energy before the weekend. I walked into the office with curls that weren’t quite ringlets, but weren’t quite waves and everyone was asking how I did it. Here’s my trick: A wand! I’ve never been able to master a traditional curling iron…. Read more »

Bordeaux-colored nails

Do you have a go-to holiday nail color? I think that Bordeaux is so stylish and elegant. Plus, it looks polished for work, but perfectly transitions to evening (and party-hopping). ‘Tis the season for being cozy and drinking red wine, so really a Bordeaux-inspired hue just makes sense. 😉After weeks of trial and error at… Read more »