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Winter is for wine lovers

With all this snow, my red wine consumption has gone up. There’s something so cozy and body-warming about a tall glass of red, don’t you think? 🙂 The more wine I drink, the more curious I am about the documentary Somm. Have you seen it? It’s about four sommeliers attempting to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test that apparently… Read more »

My Trader Joe’s salad experiment

Do you bring your lunch to work? I am the worst at doing this, but I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. Here’s my strategy: Trader Joe’s salads. Have you tried these before? I’m usually anti-pre-packaged salads, but these are actually good! Plus, there’s a big enough selection for me to vary it up and… Read more »

1 Weekend, 3 Restaurants

This past weekend was all about good food in Brooklyn. It was mostly spontaneous: Matt and I had no intention of eating three meals out. But our Friday-Saturday-Sunday plans took us to different neighborhoods with restaurants that had long been on our list. The first, Union Pizza Works in Bushwick. Has anyone been? We had… Read more »

Lemonade-inspired lunch

When I was in sunny CA two weeks ago, my sister Alyssa made the most delicious dinner! It was a variation on a recipe from Lemonade, a great lunch chain on the west coast that defines it’s cuisine as Southern California comfort food. One word: Yum. 🙂 In their cookbook, they have a recipe for… Read more »

Bar Chuko

Do you like Japanese food? I recently tried out Bar Chuko in Prospect Heights. It was so hard to not order everything on the menu—each dish was so good. That said, it’s easy to sample a lot since the menu is divided into snacks, bites, bowls, and skewers (all reasonably priced). For $2-3 a pop,… Read more »