Fete Paradiso

On Friday, I mentioned Fete Paradiso, a giant Parisian festival brought to Governor’s Island to celebrate Bastille Day. A quick five-minute ferry ride over, and we were there—transported to a small (and shockingly un-crowded) outdoor party, straight out of Midnight in Paris. The coolest part was the old-school carnival rides that were set up for party-goers to ride. The mini-roller coaster (pictured above) was from the 1950s, while the bicycle-propelled carousel was from 1892.

After sundown, the night carried on—with live bands, dancing, food, champagne and more. The most amazing part was being on Governor’s Island after dark. I had no idea, but fireflies do exist in New York. In fact, venture out to Governor’s Island at night and you’ll spot thousands.

Did you celebrate Bastille Day? Would love to hear what you did!

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