Governors Island escape

Over the weekend, Matt and I took the ferry over to Governors Island for the first time this summer. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get out there this year—especially given all the new things to do! On Saturday, the weather was perfect. The ferry was crowded. 🙂 But we had a blast. Here are my top three favorites of everything that’s new:

1) Hammock Grove. This place is awesome. All hammocks. The crazy part—we found a free hammock right away! I wished I had brought a book with me. I could have lounged in my hammock reading all day. 

2) Food trucks. There used to be ZERO food on Governors Island. Trust me. We went out there about four years ago for the Jazz Fest and failed to eat before boarding the boat. We were starving! And hangry! Now there are so many choices for lunch. You can even get Blue Marble out there. Yum!

3) More bike paths. A major plus is that bikers are the first to board the ferry. Better yet, with all the new green spaces that are open, having a bike on Governors Island makes it easy to whip around and see it all. Like the furthest point past Hammock Grove: The view of Lady Liberty from there is incredible. And costs nothing to see!

Have you been to Governors Island this summer?

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