Guys, our video store closed!


Saddest news ever: The adorable video store—called Video Free Brooklyn—in my neighborhood closed. Seriously, it was a once (and sometimes twice) a weekend activity for me and Matt. We’d breeze over on a Saturday night and scan the shelves for tens of minutes, calling out to compare notes on which films one or the other still hadn’t seen. Since it closed, I’ve had to resort to Netflix/Amazon/Vudu scrolling. Here, are four films I’m so happy I found.


The first two—Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Menare total classics, released in the early 90s and starring film legends Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon and Raquel Welch. (FYI, she only appears in the second film.) For some reason, I never saw them and both films were the cheesy and hilarious escapism I needed to watch in the pre-inauguration weeks. And much to my surprise, the slapstick humor isn’t overdone at all. It’s one of the sweetest love/hate friendships I’ve ever seen.


Next up, there’s Love & Mercy, the 2014 film that tells the true story of Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson. Um, I had no idea what happened to this guy—and all that he went through courtesy of a manipulative mental health professional—after he left the band. (Seriously, you might want to read up on it a bit before or after you watch.) If for nothing else, watch it for the incredible reminder of how great Brian Wilson’s music truly is. (I’ve had “Good Vibrations” playing on repeat for weeks.)


Last, but not least, there’s Little Men, a film from Ira Sachs that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016. It’s about a pair of best (and inseparable) friends whose relationship gets tested when their parents get into a dispute over a lease. It’s interesting and totally poignant. It’s also set in Brooklyn. (Always fun to watch a section of your ‘hood on the big screen.)

How about you? Any old—but new to you—movies you’ve resurfaced lately that are worth checking out?

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