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Kramer vs. Kramer

I’ve been in a Meryl sort of mood lately—probably something to do with her epic political takedown at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. And while I’ve seen so many of her impressive films (from Heartburn to Florence Foster Jenkins) I still hadn’t watched Kramer vs. Kramer…until now. Over the weekend, I finally rented this film on demand. (Our video… Read more »

Guys, our video store closed!

Saddest news ever: The adorable video store—called Video Free Brooklyn—in my neighborhood closed. Seriously, it was a once (and sometimes twice) a weekend activity for me and Matt. We’d breeze over on a Saturday night and scan the shelves for tens of minutes, calling out to compare notes on which films one or the other still… Read more »

“Manhattan” in New York

One of my favorite lines from Woody Allen’s Manhattan is: “He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of proportion.” As I come up on nine years of living here this winter, I felt like I could use a reminder of why I moved in the first place. (Seriously, the sweltering F train in the summer is enough… Read more »

Douro Valley doc

One of the most magical parts of my honeymoon was the few days we spent in Douro Valley in Portugal. It is probably the most breathtaking part of the world I’ve ever seen–wine or no wine–and completely in another league in comparison to places like Napa and Provence. (Vino regions I also adore.) Although Douro produces a… Read more »

TV Page: Stranger Things

Are you watching Stranger Things on Netflix? I’m not really one for horror TV shows—or movies for that matter—but I love Wynona Ryder and, after her comeback in Show Me a Hero, was intrigued to hear that she’d be making her Netflix debut in this 80s-set sci-fi original show. It’s only eight episodes in length (we’ve got two to go!) and it’s about… Read more »