Little French Songs

The first time I heard Carla Bruni—the former First Lady of France—sing, it was on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack. The song that was included, called “Quelqu’un m’a Dit,” is breathtaking. I listened to it over and over again before deciding I wanted to hear more. When I discovered her latest album, Little French Songs, I was hooked. Now, Carla’s music is a part of my regular morning routine. There’s something so soothing and peaceful about her voice. It totally calms my brain before a hectic day. 

Right around the time I found Carla’s music, she announced an international tour with a stop in New York. I’m going to hear her perform at the Town Hall this week, and I can’t wait. It will be my dose of French culture, which is perfect timing since I leave for Paris four weeks from today.

Are you a Carla Bruni fan?

PS: My favorite song on her new album.

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