Ready for our Close Up

Shannon and I, New Year’s 2006!

On the eve of my Tampa arrival, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on New Year’s Eve’s past. Above is a shot of me with my friend Shannon (the person I’m flying to Florida to see) in our awesome 2006 glasses. You see, when Shannon and I first discovered these flashy, eye-catching, stylish 2006 glasses being sold for $10-a-piece on a table in Boston Common, we were thrilled. In fact, we dubbed the glasses, ‘The best purchase of 2005!’, a title we continue to reference to this day. Every year since, we have made it our mission to track down flashing glasses to place on our faces when the clock strikes 12. Now, as 2010 approaches, the double-zero effect that has worked so well for the last nine years is no more. Here, some examples of how the ‘10s will look:

Goggles and Glasses

Shades of Fun

Virginia Toy

Imprint Items

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