Spring getaway to Savannah

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So far, February in New York has been about one thing: snow! The Brooklyn forecast on my iPhone’s weather bug this week has shown the snowflake icon every day—and we still have at least two months of winter to go. To make the season fly by a little bit faster, Matt and I are in the midst of booking a trip to Savannah, Georgia for early spring. I know that by the time we’re traveling there, temps will be starting to climb in NYC, but it makes such a huge difference this time of year just daydreaming about skipping town to a lovely, charming and warm(!) locale. Plus, how pretty is Savannah?!

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I can’t get over the moss-covered homes, weeping willow trees, and vibrant waterfront cityscapes. Also, I’ve never been to the South, which just feels crazy!

Have you been to Savannah before? Any must-do experiences in the area to recommend? I’m starting to plot out my trip, so would love any tips!

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