The Daily Show is Alive with The Sound of Music

Jon Stewart interviews Julie Andrews on the Daily Show.

Behind the scenes at The Daily Show — definitely one of those pinch-myself-I-live-in-New-York moments. As luck would have it, I had the chance to catch an afternoon taping of the hit show over at it’s Comedy Central studio on 11th Avenue. Jon Stewart was everything I hoped he would be — after a brief Q and A with the crowd, he got to work and didn’t miss a beat for the entire duration of the show. No retakes, no do-overs — he delivered every punch line without pause. And the lucky guest of honor? “The Great” Julie Andrews, as Stewart himself called her. She was elegant, poised, and on the show to promote her upcoming film Tooth Fairy, co-starring The Rock (or as she called him, “Dwayne”). Even though — with tickets! — we still had to wait in line for over two hours, it was worth every minute. Jon Stewart and Julie Andrews? That’s two icons in one night!

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