The nicest New York thing


Recently, some very close friends invited us over for a home-cooked dinner on the Upper East Side. It was after work on a Friday night and they told us to bring….absolutely nothing. (We brought wine.) As I strolled up there from work–it used to be my old ‘hood so I welcomed the walk–I couldn’t help but think: The nicest New York gesture is inviting friends over to dine in. Here’s why:

1. We live in a city where we’re constantly go, go, go. A night in is a treat, but a night in with friends that lets us channel our inner homebody on somebody else’s couch? Bliss.

2. Our apartments are tiny, but super cute. One of the most fun things about living in New York is peeping other people’s apartments. Space is at a premium! I love seeing how people make use of it…and entertain. (My friend positioned a super comfy chair at the entrance to her galley kitchen and kept refilling my sauv blanc so we could catch up while she cooked up a storm.)

3. There’s no wait for a table. Nope, you just walk right in and a glass of wine (and apps) are served.

4. You can actually hear your friends talk. Ah, I’m an old lady, but being able to have a scintillating conversation without shouting is kind of the New York dream. (Reminder: You’re still sitting on that comfy couch.)

5. It takes a lot of New York effort. New York is all about life on demand. If you don’t have it, you can order it…food, booze, dessert, anything. A homemade meal takes a lot of prep. And timing. And cleaning. It’s such a thoughtful invitation–and one Matt and I can’t wait to reciprocate soon.