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Soup season

OK, so it’s officially cold in New York. As a result, lately, I’ve been all about making homemade soups. If I make a large enough batch, it’s enough to get us through the week (and maybe a couple of lunches, too). Here, three recent—and delicious—recipes we’ve tried: 1. Potato Leek Soup. This one is a staple and probably… Read more »

Travel Page: San Francisco

I’m back! I thought I’d take a minute to do a bit of trip recapping. We had such a great 10 days on the west coast visiting family in both San Francisco and outside of LA in Irvine (more on that later). Here, all the fun things we did during the roughly 72 hours we had… Read more »

Douro Valley doc

One of the most magical parts of my honeymoon was the few days we spent in Douro Valley in Portugal. It is probably the most breathtaking part of the world I’ve ever seen–wine or no wine–and completely in another league in comparison to places like Napa and Provence. (Vino regions I also adore.) Although Douro produces a… Read more »

Recipe Page: Heirloom Tart

When temperatures hit 100 degrees, it only makes sense to turn your oven on to 400 degrees to bake, right? Ha, OK, so maybe not, but that’s what I did over the weekend. I’ve been hitting up our local farmer’s market every Saturday and buying more heirloom tomatoes than I know what to do with…that… Read more »

The nicest New York thing

Recently, some very close friends invited us over for a home-cooked dinner on the Upper East Side. It was after work on a Friday night and they told us to bring….absolutely nothing. (We brought wine.) As I strolled up there from work–it used to be my old ‘hood so I welcomed the walk–I couldn’t help… Read more »