The perfect planner

You guys: I’ve always talked about my need to use a paper planner, even in this digital age. I think I’ve finally found the perfect one. It’s called the Day Designer by Whitney English. I can thank Instagram for my discovery of it. I saw a post about it one day over at Chirps & Cheers, an Oklahoma-based blog, with a note to call and reserve one right away because of how quickly it would sell out. Call to reserve? For a planner? I was super intrigued. After a fair amount of Googling, I decided to go for it. (I mean, just read this.) There is space to organize your calendar, your to-do lists, your short- and long-term goals—everything. Plus, it’s so pretty!

The August 2014-August 2015 edition of the planner begins today and I can’t wait to start penciling things in.

What kind of calendar do you keep?

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