The weekend is here!

TGIF! Don’t you love the shot of Ms. Hepburn above? It’s taken from the film Love in the Afternoon. Audrey’s expression epitomizes the joy and fun that comes with having a few days off. Aww, such bliss! So, my dear readers, what are your weekend plans? I’m off to Long Island to help my friend celebrate the big 3-0! It’s an 80s-themed party, which means a few things: blue eye shadow, high ponytails, and spandex. Pictures to come next week! In the mean time, celebrate Friday with a few happy posts from around the web:

A turquoise scarf for fall.

Photobooth prints as art. 

Shopping for a wedding dress…in Paris.

Celebrate October with a delicious bowl of tomato soup

Perfume infused with the scent of Maine (and the trip that inspired the fragrance!)

A photographer’s imagination.

Ultra-feminine dresses to adore.

A daydream I wish was my reality right now.

I spy…San Francisco!

Beautiful mamas from around the world.

I finished the book (finally!) — now, a preview of the movie I want to see next. 

(Photo via bluepoolroad)

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