We made sushi!

We did it! We made sushi! And with the help of the iPhone app “Teach me Sushi,” it was actually fairly easy to do. For next time, there are only a few things we’d change:

1) Make real edamame. It was my fault — I thought my local supermarket would carry it. Turns out you need to go to a specialty food store or local farmer’s market to find it. Anyways, we had to go with the frozen kind, which steamed with sea salt, wasn’t that bad.
2) Use a firmer grip on the Bamboo Sushi Roller. As you’ll notice from the pics, some of the rolls don’t form a complete seaweed circle. Practice makes perfect with that, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind.
3) Buy more wine. Making sushi takes time. While one bottle should be enough to get you through, it’s smart to have a second one on hand just in case you run out. Because when the sushi-making gets tough, the tough need more wine.

But overall, it was fun. And how did it taste? So good.

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