You are what you read

Do you ever wish you could savor a great line from your favorite book? Well, Evan, married to Nichole over at Little Brown Pen, came up with a clever way to do just that. His illustrations above bring the words of his favorite authors to life ā€” in a digital world, it’s a lasting way to notate the lines he doesn’t want to forget. Check out the rest of his prints here, and stay tuned for more. His goal is to produce 50 prints a year!

What’s the best line you’ve ever read in a book?



Wow, I love these! I could never choose just one favorite quote, but I have a notebook that I fill with my favorite lines from books. Maybe I could send him some requests? šŸ™‚

Rachel Bowie

Yes — I was thinking the same thing! How great if he opened up the Etsy shop to do custom pieces for buyers?

I agree with you about choosing one line. It is incredibly tough! I was thinking something from The Great Gatsby would be mine, but I don’t know!

Matt Dorville

“My feeling is that if you’re not self-obsessed you’re probably boring.” Dave Eggers – Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius


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