Kitchen meetings


So, as we begin to strategize about planning a wedding, Matt and I have been trying to have weekend “meetings” to review details and tasks in an organized manner. There’s a lot to discuss! Our goal has been to sort the wedding stuff from the day-to-day life stuff. We figure, we can’t talk about wedding stuff every single day. We’ll go insane!

So, every Saturday morning, over orange juice (and a diet coke for me!), we set up shop in our kitchen and lay out our wedding to-dos. There’s something about this tiny area of our apartment that feels so energizing and productivity-oriented. We have good counter space where we can spread out and tons of natural light, but it’s more than that. The intentional act of sitting down and talking face-to-face (without phones!) is huge. We try to spend the week prior thinking of topics we need to discuss, then bring them, quite literally, to the table, where we share our opinions, figure out next steps, etc.

So far, it’s been a good method. I obviously know our process will have to evolve as our to-do list grows, but for now, it’s been a peaceful way to tackle everything without feeling too overwhelmed.

Do you have any tips for early stages of wedding planning? Would love to hear your ideas!

PS: Just bought this helpful tool for wedding planning, courtesy of J.Crew and Sugar Paper. Who doesn’t love a pretty binder for getting organized?!

(Image via Le Studio SF)

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