One Week, Two Plays

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This week, Matt and I have two off-Broadway shows on the calendar. The first is called Beardo and it’s by Dave Malloy (aka the guy responsible for Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812). The plot? Basically, it’s a musical about the life and times of Rasputin. (It also stars Damon Daunno, who I saw for the first time last summer in Hadestown, one of the best shows I’ve seen since Hamilton.)
Next up, we’re going to see The Town Hall Affair, a show that was inspired by a real life 1971 panel-turned-debate on women’s liberation at a town hall in New York. (You can read more info here.) The play is not just super timely, it stars powerhouse actress Maura Tierney. (Um, she won a Golden Globe for her role on The Affair last year for a reason.)

I’m pretty excited for both. Have you seen any good theater lately?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


A funny thing about my relationship with Matt: Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday—but it’s Matt’s absolute favorite. As a result, every year, he always plans a special (and super thoughtful) date night.

One year, he got us a reservation at Blue Hill and put in a special request to sit at the exact table where Michelle and Barack Obama sat when they had their special date night in New York back in 2009. (The maitre’d came through and made it happen. So cool.) Another year, we did quite the opposite—enjoyed a bottle of wine at home while Matt recreated the first-ever recipe he cooked for me in our relationship: Poblano Mango Black Bean Quesadillas. Yum. (It was a third date winner.)

Anyways, he’s tough to compete with when it comes to romantic sentiments on this holiday, but this year, I found something perfect: This awesome (and Hamilton-inspired) Valentine’s Day card.


Pretty good, right? What are your Valentine’s plans?

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Kramer vs. Kramer


I’ve been in a Meryl sort of mood lately—probably something to do with her epic political takedown at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. And while I’ve seen so many of her impressive films (from Heartburn to Florence Foster Jenkins) I still hadn’t watched Kramer vs. Kramer…until now.


Over the weekend, I finally rented this film on demand. (Our video store closed, remember?) I’d obviously read so much about it—for example, this chilling piece from last year’s Vanity Fair—but seeing it was something else. For those unfamiliar, the film is about a couple in New York City going through a divorce and the impact it has on their young son. The reason for the divorce has to do with a rebellion (and revelation) on both sides when it comes to their traditional roles. Joanna (Meryl Streep) never saw herself as a full-time housewife. And Ted (Dustin Hoffman) never saw himself with a role inside the home.


The fallout is fascinating and heartbreaking to watch, a tribute to the skill of both actors at the helm. (Seriously, they both won Oscars for their work.) As a sociology major, I found myself wondering why more of my classes didn’t reference—or require a screening of—this movie given that it so thoughtfully depicts the evolution of a marriage and the shifting cultural norms of men and women at home. In fact, it felt so honest and real that at the end of watching, it was sort of impossible to choose sides.

Have you seen this film? What are your thoughts? (Watch the trailer here.)

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Soup season


OK, so it’s officially cold in New York. As a result, lately, I’ve been all about making homemade soups. If I make a large enough batch, it’s enough to get us through the week (and maybe a couple of lunches, too). Here, three recent—and delicious—recipes we’ve tried:


1. Potato Leek Soup. This one is a staple and probably the only recipe I know by heart. But here’s the beauty of it: It’s got six total ingredients. (I swear, those are the best kinds of meals.) Basically, you need 6 leeks, 4 tablespoons of butter, 4 cups diced potatoes, chicken broth and nutmeg and cayenne pepper to season it when it’s done. I can’t find the exact recipe online, but this variation should do.


2. Jerusalem Artichoke Soup. Commonly referred to as “sunchoke” soup, this recipe has a delicious texture and flavor. Tastes great with a side of Brussels sprouts. Yum.


3. Soupe au Pistou. The hardest part with this soup is making the pistou. A mortar and pestle worked better for us than our blender since it allowed us to grind the basil so that it was really fine.

What new recipes are you trying this month?

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Travel Page: London

Exciting news: Matt and I are going to London in just a few short weeks! Even more exciting? I’ve never been. (Pretty crazy considering I’m such a Royal Family fan.) Most of our accommodations are booked—we even managed to squeeze in an overnight trip to Paris—but now the fun part: Mapping out all the things we want to do. Here a few of the things that are at the top of my list.


1. Visit Kensington Palace and see Princess Diana’s dresses. Yep, just in time for our trip, there’s a brand new exhibit opening called Diana: Her Fashion Story. I can’t wait to see so many memorable pieces—like the dress she wore to the White House to dance with John Travolta—in this collection. The craziest part? This will be my second time seeing her clothes up close. (I saw them in Lowell, Massachusetts as a kid when a special exhibit traveled through town.)


2. Explore Portobello Road and Notting Hill. The streets look so colorful and it seems like the perfect place to meander and shop around—especially if we time it for the Saturday outdoor market.


3. See a play (or two). Matt nabbed tickets for a couple of shows already—one done entirely by candlelight by Shakespeare’s Globe and the other starring Daniel Radcliffe in the West End.

Clearly, this is just scraping the surface of all the things we plan to see and do, but would love to hear any travel recommendations you have! (The more Royal-related, the better, of course.)

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