Best cookie ever!

skucover_saltoftheearth_cookie_detail_1I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate chip cookies in my life, but this chocolate chip cookie from Salt of the Earth Bakery is, hands down, the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever tasted. It’s the ratio of chocolate to cookie to salt that makes it work — and not just any salt. Maldon Sea Salt. Yum.


I know you shouldn’t eat your feelings, but as I wrapped up my job over the past few weeks, this became the antidote to tears for me and my cube mates at work. Feeling sad? Time for a quick run to get The Cookie from the market downstairs. I swear, it helped! This cookie is worth every calorie, every extra minute on the treadmill, etc. Trust me! And if you don’t trust me, trust Elle magazine. I love their fashion editor’s review of this sweet treat:

“Do you know that scene in Troop Beverly Hills where the little girl belts out the (questionably never released as an EP) hit, “Cookie Time”? That is what I feel like singing every time I think about these cookies.”

Order them here. Do you have a chocolate chip cookie recipe you swear by?

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