Catastrophe on Amazon Prime

catastrophe-02Are you watching Catastrophe on Amazon Prime? The show is only a six-episode commitment (at 30 minutes a pop), so no heavy lifting required. I first heard about the original series earlier this summer and finally spent the last couple of weeks getting caught up. It’s adorable!
sharon-horgan-rob-delaney Catastrophe_101_00050_RT_S1The show is about an American guy who gets an Irish lady pregnant during a business trip to London. It stars Sharon Horgan — known to be the Tina Fey of the UK — and Rob Delaney, the Boston comedian with over a million Twitter followers. Even though the show is pegged as a rom-com, it’s actually pretty surprising and real. I think it takes a poignant look at an outlandish situation and shows how a real-life modern non-couple might deal.

Take a peek at the show’s trailer here.

Are you watching this — or anything else — this summer?

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