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Olive Kitteridge

OK, so I’m a few days late after promising this post last week, but I have to ask: Have you watched Olive Kitteridge? There’s no doubt you’ve heard of it. It totally cleaned up at this year’s Emmy Awards. My good friend was in town and we decided to crush all four hour-long episodes in one… Read more »

Show Me a Hero

Are you watching Show Me A Hero on HBO? It’s only six episodes — and I am doing my best to savor each one (seriously, I would watch season after season of this show). Here’s why: 1. It’s New York-specific. The plot follows the true story of Nick Wasicsko, the mayor of Yonkers, New York in the 1980s,… Read more »

Catastrophe on Amazon Prime

Are you watching Catastrophe on Amazon Prime? The show is only a six-episode commitment (at 30 minutes a pop), so no heavy lifting required. I first heard about the original series earlier this summer and finally spent the last couple of weeks getting caught up. It’s adorable! The show is about an American guy who gets an Irish… Read more »

The end of an era

Are you excited for the absolute very last ever episode of Mad Men this Sunday? I am excited to find out how it will all wrap up, but also so sad to say goodbye to such an amazing show. So much has happened in such a short final season — I am so intrigued by… Read more »

Mad Men museum

Are you ready for the final installment of Mad Men? The premiere is this coming Sunday night on AMC—I’m totally planning to savor every minute of each episode until it’s done. In between Sunday nights spent on my couch watching Don, Peggy, Pete, Betty and Joan, I’m planning a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image… Read more »