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Would you wallpaper your apartment?

Since my Brooklyn apartment is completely unpacked, I’ve been starting to think about little design flourishes that won’t break the bank. I love this temporary wallpaper from Hygge & West. It’s so brilliant! Every time I go to invest in something nice for my apartment, I hem and haw—mostly because that’s the problem: It’s most… Read more »

DIY flowers at home

How often do you buy fresh flower arrangements to sprinkle around your home? It’s a new tradition I’ve started since moving to Brooklyn—and a cheap investment that brightens up our entire space. I’m lucky—Edelweiss Floral Atelier is a new shop in Cobble Hill, and one that happens to be located along the route I walk… Read more »

3 steps to a cozy home

In my opinion, a cozy home only needs three things: a spot for tea, a spot for me, and a spot for entertaining good friends. 🙂 As the weather gets colder and we start to retreat indoors, I’m realizing just how essential these things are to my day. Now you go: What do you need… Read more »

Wine and cheese party

  What a clever idea for a wine and cheese party! I love the use of chalkboards to label each dish, and better yet, make suggestions for what wine pairs best with the food. It’s such a creative idea, and a fun way to personalize a party with friends at home.  What do you do… Read more »

My Kitchen, Re-Imagined

There are many days where I dream about having a more organized kitchen. I’ve started cooking more frequently, and unfortunately, my current apartment just doesn’t have the space for it. File under New York City problems, I guess, but even the tiniest bit more counter space would make a difference. I’d love a spot where… Read more »