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More outdoor space

I’m starting to contemplate a Brooklyn move, and as I do, I can’t help thinking about three words: more outdoor space. When I lived in Boston, my best friend (and neighbor across the street!) had a private deck that was attached to her tiny studio in Beacon Hill. It made all the difference in city… Read more »

Spatial relations

Last week, I read this fantastic interview with Kate Arends, the woman behind Wit & Delight, a must-read blog of mine. She talks about how the kitchen is her favorite space in her home to play. She says: “It’s small, but works great for culinary adventures. Many messes and memories have been made there.” This… Read more »

How to: Organize the Chaos

This past weekend, I was in an organizing state of mind. I’m generally neat, but I always have piles of clutter that pop up around my room and my apartment. So, on Saturday, I took inspiration from Pippa at Sous Style ā€” don’t you envy her organizing system and pristine apartment above? I especially love… Read more »

Wallpaper accents at home

Are you partial to wallpaper or paint? Whenever I’ve moved apartments, I’ve opted to prime, paint and trim, but after seeing the perfectly wallpapered walls in the launch issue of Heart Home magazine, it’s decided: I’m ready to switch things up. These photos in particular feature the home of the duo behind the British brand… Read more »

Fresh blooms

I know it’s only the first day of March, but these floral paintings by artist Lulie Wallace definitely put a little spring in my step! šŸ™‚ I love the vibrant pops of color in every piece. Lulie’s work is also a great reminder of a New York tradition I’ve always wanted to start: picking up… Read more »