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Inspiration at home

Yes, I recently joined Pinterest, but I’m curious: do you maintain an inspiration board at home? I have for quite some time, although I think it needs to be updated a bit. I post everything ā€” photos of friends and I together, magazine clippings I love, clever greeting cards (like this). The sky’s the limit… Read more »

Morning moment

The sunny kitchen set-up above got me thinking: how much leisure time do you set aside each morning before walking out the door to start a busy day? If I had a breakfast set-up like this, I’d love to build in an extra 30 minutes ā€” just enough time to wake up, read the newspaper,… Read more »

The color purple

Lately, I can’t get enough of the color purple, which is exactly why I love the design accents at Hotel Le Crayon in Paris. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not, this deep, vibrant hue instantly changes the vibe of any room. I especially love the sketch/work of art on the bathroom tub. Did I mention that Hotel… Read more »

Photo wall

Who needs to paint when you can decorate your walls with an enlarged photograph that fits the size of your room? I love the soft, black and white image above, and how it almost blends into the background of this cozy-looking home. That said, I do think it would be tough to choose just one… Read more »

The great cookie catastrophe

You know what they say ā€” if it was easy, everyone would do it! I wish that thought entered my mind this weekend before I attempted to make a recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar, a cookbook from New York’s very own dessert legend, Christina Tosi.  The Confetti Cookie recipe looked delicious and relatively easy to… Read more »