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The best kale and brussels sprouts salad

Since my friend Shalah was in town for a visit, we got to have an impromptu recipe session, just like old times! The dish she introduced me to? This delicious kale and brussels sprouts salad from If you like kale and brussels sprouts, this is a recipe you have to try. It takes about… Read more »

The best lemon pasta recipe

Lately, I’ve been craving lemons. I add it to avocado to put with my eggs at breakfast, I spritz it over broccoli as a snack, and I’ve been seriously thinking about snagging this citron pressé set from Provisions by Food 52. Over the weekend, I decided to kick things up a notch and try a… Read more »

Heirloom tomatoes

Every Saturday this month, Matt and I have been waking up and going straight to the farmer’s market near Borough Hall in Brooklyn. The reason? To pick up as many heirloom tomatoes as we can carry. ‘Tis the season after all, and the mouth-watering selection—well over 10 different varieties—is impossible to resist. I pepper Matt… Read more »


With the way the temperatures keep climbing, the only thing I’ve been craving lately is a fresh—and inventive—salad. That’s why I am completely obsessed with Sarah Yates’ Instagram feed and the mouth-watering salad pics she posts. Seriously, how yummy do the combinations above look? Notice that all three salads include a favorite ingredient of mine:… Read more »

The best cauliflower soup recipe

Ever since I got back from California, I have been craving cauliflower soup. Cauliflower has become my vegetable of choice and after talking with Matt’s sister about her favorite recipe for roasted cauliflower, leek and garlic soup (very similar to this one from Love and Lemons), I decided to make my own batch. As you… Read more »