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Cooking Page: How Easy Is That?

I’ll admit: when it comes to cooking, I’m not the best chef. That said, I’ve made a 2012 commitment to showing noticeable improvement in my culinary skills. šŸ™‚ My secret weapon? The help of my friend Shalah, who is a natural in the kitchen. Instead of splurging on high-cost cooking lessons, we have created a… Read more »

The great cookie catastrophe

You know what they say ā€” if it was easy, everyone would do it! I wish that thought entered my mind this weekend before I attempted to make a recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar, a cookbook from New York’s very own dessert legend, Christina Tosi.  The Confetti Cookie recipe looked delicious and relatively easy to… Read more »

Holy guacamole!

To me, there’s nothing more summery than freshly made guacamole. How delicious do the avocados above look? Yum! Do you have a favorite recipe for making your own guac? What secret ingredients do you use to punch up the flavor? Check out a couple of the recipes I’d like to try here and here. Also… Read more »

DIY gnocchi

Gnocchi. The word alone makes me go weak at the knees. Saturday night, Matt and I ate dinner at Fragole in Cobble Hill. The gnocchi special? Some of the best I’ve ever had! Equally impressive is Elephantine’s at-home attempt ā€” she made the recipe above from scratch! Check out more of her photos here. While… Read more »