If I could eat lunch in Paris…

I’d definitely dine here! The place is called La Petite Cuisine a Paris, which directly translated means The Little Paris Kitchen. Owned and operated by trained pastry chef Rachel Khoo out of her own home, this cozy idea for a restaurant came to be when Rachel needed a place to test recipes for an upcoming book. The subject? Modernizing traditional French recipes, of course, the perfect subject for someone with such a unique culinary approach. 

It’s not easy to score a reservation for lunch in Rachel’s kitchen, but if you do, expect a tasty and intimate meal. Her apartment is just 226 square feet in size, allowing enough room for three people at the table, including the chef herself! This is definitely a dining experience I’d love to try. Would you enjoy a meal like this? Have you ever eaten at a restaurant this size?

 (Images via T Magazine and La Petite Cuisine a Paris)


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